Amicus Smart 2 Plus Antibjeff Kit Svart

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The Anti-Bark Collar Smart 2 Plus uses harmless sound correction, thrown with the bark of the dog, therefore the most effective and humane way to end the excessive barking. With the electronic collar Smart 2 Plus is possible coexistence of the dog with the owner and the neighborhood.

The Anti Bark Collar Smart 2 Plus is an evolution in technology and design, having a reduced size and therefore being extremely lightweight. The Smart 2 Plus has an automatic sensitivity control adapting to the specific bark of your dog, a higher battery durability and a light that alerts the owner when the battery should be replaced. The design of the Smart 2 Plus is more elegant, practical and provides superior comfort for the dog.

Operation: The Anti Bark Collar Smart 2 Plus captures the sound of the dog’s bark and emits a sound signal at a specific frequency of training that makes it stop barking. The tone is perceived by the dog as a «no». Therefore, on average after 10 days of use, the dog already associates the reason for the correction to it bark sound, conditioned not to bark while using Smart 2 Plus.

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